Afternoon tea funeral reception

The perfect at-home funeral reception for a loved one who appreciated a good brew and sweet cakes. Here’s how we help:

A Full afternoon tea funeral reception buffet, tailored to your tastes. Options include a selection of hot and cold beverages, artisan bakery or finger sandwiches, and a stunning selection of cakes and bakes to compliment your funeral reception.

Pre- and post-funeral reception cleaning of your home

Equipment and furniture hire to transform your space exactly as you imagine it.

We ensure that your home can comfortably accommodate your guests whilst ensuring your possessions are kept safe from breakages or wear and tear.

Personalise your funeral reception to reflect the personality and individuality of your loved one. We have a number of options for personalising your funeral reception so as to remember your loved one and the life that they lived.



Garden party funeral reception

Ideal for summer funeral receptions in remembrance of those with green fingers, or a love of the outdoors. Our Garden party receptions will:

Transform your outdoor space into a venue for your funeral reception

Choose from marquees, pagodas or simple gazebos to protect your guests and refreshments from sun and showers

Full marquee dressing, including furniture, breakout areas and bar where required

Full buffet and service options to cater for your guests after the funeral reception

Landscaping and garden maintenance where required


Location Funeral reception

A fitting choice for a reception in a location that holds special meaning, or one that allows you a larger number of guests. We will arrange:

Venue sourcing and booking: Choose from our list of preferred locations, or tell us where. We will make all the arrangements, from booking on-location visits to applying for permission when using open spaces

Venue dressing: Whether indoor or outdoor, at a venue or further afield, there are almost endless options for transforming the location to your exact specifications. Including furniture, breakout areas, buffet and bar as required. If you have ideas for a theme or colour scheme, we can incorporate these too.

Catering: from the simple to the extravagant

Staffing: providing staff where required to ensure you are not drawn into working your reception (bar staff, coat checking, food service etc.)

Transport we can arrange cars to transport your guests as required from the funeral service (burial ground or crematorium) to the funeral reception and back to help ensure that no one is lost.


Bespoke Funeral Receptions

Create a completely personal funeral reception for your loved one, be it a picnic in the park, a private fairground reception or an intimate gathering for a select few - the choice is yours.

We will come to your home and spend as much time as it takes with you and your family, getting to know your loved one through conversation, videos, images, and social media where appropriate

Your loved one’s experiences, memories and passions help you decide the theme, direction or inspiration for your tailor-made funeral reception

Using the information gathered we will then create a concept statement which will describe the direction for your Farewell

Once agreed we will present the Farewell to you via story and mood boards so you can visualise the event

Once the concept is decided we will plan every detail step-by-step

We will organise every element of the reception to ensure that you don’t have to worry about the details.

All prices may vary dependent on your specific request and requirements