How will your story be told?

At 32 I have two daughters, a bucket list and a lot of laundry. If Your White Room were a person she’d be me: 5ft 8”, bubbly and warm, brown eyes and a curious smile. She’d live for every moment, with no regrets of yesterday and keen for the memories of tomorrow, embodying the choice to live life to the fullest one moment at a time.

Your White Room offers an imaginative and creative alternative to the traditional funeral reception. We believe that your Final Farewell should be intriguing and mesmerizing; it can arouse curiosity and speak volumes to all in attendance. Or it can whisper sweetly to that one person who made it all worthwhile. We are not defined by boundaries and do not conform to the norm. As in life, we want your loved ones to stand out from the crowd.

So, put your stamp on it, seal it with a kiss. Be it simple and intimate or creative and loud, make your Final Farewell a true reflection of a life well lived, a fond memory to live forever in the hearts of those in attendance.

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Benefits of farewell planning:

Providing a voice of reason and
calm at a time of chaos

Reducing the stress, anxiety and conflict sometimes experienced when planning a farewell whilst grieving

Creating a lasting applause for a
life well lived, as subtle or as loud
as your loved one

We believe that each of us has a story to share, one that begins at birth and lives on through family and friends long after we are gone. We have been so inspired by the untold stories of our own loved ones that we set out to give everyone a chapter in which to be uniquely remembered, with personalities reflected and lives celebrated...


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